Egyptian Sport,

In Egypt sport is one of the most important things in the life of egyptians. Football (Soccer) is the most famous sport in Egypt as Egypt has one of the best teams around the world and here is the career of the Egyptian N Team. 

Egyptian selection team,

  Egypt national football team



The Pharaohs


Egyptian Football Association


CAF (Africa)

Head coach

Hassan Shehata

Asst coach

Shawky Gharib/Hamada Sedki


Ahmed Hassan

Most caps

Ahmed Hassan (173)

Top scorer

Hossam Hassan (69)

Home stadium

Cairo International Stadium

FIFA code


Highest FIFA ranking

9 (July 2010)

Lowest FIFA ranking

44 (July 2002, May 2003)

Highest Elo ranking

12 (July 2010)

Lowest Elo ranking

62 (March 1986, June 1997)

First international

 Italy 2 – 1 Egypt
Ghent, Belgium; 28 August 1920)

Biggest win

Egypt 15 – 0 Laos 
Indonesia; November 1963)

Biggest defeat

 Italy 11 – 3 Egypt
Amsterdam, Netherlands; 10 June 1928)

World Cup


2 (First in 1934)

Best result

Round 1 1934, 1990

African Nations Cup


22 (First in 1957)

Best result

Winners, 1957, 1959,
1986, 1998, 2006, 2008, 2010

Confederations Cup


2 (First in 1999)

Best result

1st round, 1999, 2009

The Egypt national football team nicknamed The Pharaohs , is the national team of Egypt, and is administered by the Egyptian Football Association (EFA). They are the current African Champions having won the 2010 African Cup of Nations (ACN). They are also the most successful African team at Confederation level, winning the ACN seven times: the inaugural ACN in Sudan in 1957, at home in 1959, 1986 and Egypt in 2006, and in Burkina Faso in 1998, Ghana in 2008, and Angola in 2010. Egypt have been as high as 9th in the FIFA world rankings, making them one of only two African and Arab national teams ever to enter the world top ten. Despite this, Egypt has so far made only two appearances in the World Cup finals, with no victories.


Egypt was the first African or Arab country to participate in the World Cup when it played in Italy 1934, losing to Hungary 4-2. Egypt has qualified for one World Cup since then, going out in the first round in Italia 1990. They were known as the United Arab Republic national football team when Egypt and Syria joined to form the United Arab Republic (UAR) from 1958 to 1961, with Egypt retaining the name of the UAR until 1971. They finished 4th in the Olympic Games twice (1928 and 1964).

[edit] Honours


·         Summer Olympics

·         Fourth Place (2) 1928, 1964

African Competitions :

·         Africa Cup of Nations

·         Winners (7) 1957, 1959, 1986, 1998, 2006, 2008, 2010 (Most successful team)

·         Second Place (1) 1962

·         Third Place (3) 1963, 1970, 1974

·         Fourth Place (3) 1976, 1980, 1984

·         African Youth Championship

·         All Africa Games

·         Gold Medal (2) 1987, 1995

·         Bronze Medal (1) 1973

Afro-Asian Cup of Nations :

·         1 Time Runners-Up: 1988

Arab Competitions :

·         Pan Arab Games

·         Gold Medal (4) 1953, 1965, 1992, 2007 (Most successful team)

·         Silver Medal (1) 1961

·         Arab Cup of Nations

·         Winner (1) 1992

·         Palestine Cup

·         Winner (2) 1972, 1975

Mediterranean Games :

·         1 Time Gold Medalist

·         1 Time Silver Medalist

·         1 Time Bronze Medalist

Francophone Games :

·         1 Time Silver Medalist : 1994

·         1 Time Bronze Medalist : 2001

Competitive record


Egyptian record set in 2010

On 31 January 2010, Egypt set a new record, not being defeated for 19 consecutive African Cup of Nations matches, since their last match at the 2004 African Cup of Nations. Egypt also won their 9th consecutive match in the ACN, beating Ghana in the 2010 African Cup of Nations final match, and becoming the first team to win three consecutive ACN titles.

Subsequent to leading Egypt to its third consecutive ACN victory under his tenure, Egypt coach
Hassan Shehata was offered the role of coaching the Nigeria national football team in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.[1] In February 2010, the EFA agreed to let Shehata take charge of Nigeria in 2010 World Cup only if official request was sent[2]. Ultimately, Shehata did not take the position.

2010 FIFA World Cup qualification


Results and Fixtures


Current squad

The following players were called up for a friendly match against DR Congo which ended with the result of 6-3 for Egypt. The players scored the goals are:
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Fathy
Mohammed Aboutika
Ahmed Hassan

Essam El-Hadary
Abdel Wahed Al Sayed
Mohamed Sobhy

Mahmoud Fathallah
Ahmed El-Muhammadi
Moatasem Salem
Sherif Abdel-Fadil
Mohamed Nageib
Ahmed Fathy
Sayed Moawad
Wael Gomaa
Mohamed Abdel-Shafy

Amr Al-Sulaya
Ahmed Eid Abdel Malek
Hossam Ghaly
Ahmed Khairy
Ahmed Hassan
Walid Soliman
Mohamed Aboutrika

Amr Zaki
Ahmed Hassan Mekky
Ahmed Ali Kamel

Cairo International Stadium,

Cairo International Stadium (Arabic: ستادالقاهرة الدولي) or "Stad El-Qahira El-Dawly", is an Olympic-standard, multi-use stadium with an all-seated capacity of 75,000. It is the Arab World's second largest (After Borg El Arab Stadium with an all-seated capacity of 86,000 respectively.) It is the foremost Olympic-standard facility befitting the role of Cairo, Egypt as the center of events in the region. It is also the 69th largest stadium in the world. Located in Nasr City; a suburb north east of Cairo, it was completed in 1960, and was inaugurated by President Gamal Abdel Nasser on 23rd July that year, the eighth anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution of 1952.

In 2005 in preparation for the 2006 African Cup of Nations it underwent a major renovation, and was brought up to 21st century world standard along with all its multi-game Olympic facilities.

The Stadium is located about 10 km west of Cairo International Airport and about 30 km (30 min) from downtown Cairo.

Cairo Stadium is known for its tremendous atmosphere and its very large capacity. This was never more evident than during the 2006 African cup of Nations, which were held in Egypt. When Egypt had their matches in Cairo Stadium, the stadium seemed to nearly erupt. Before seats were added to all sections in 2005, the stadium was notorious for holding more people than it was intended to. Cairo International Stadium has hosted over 120,000 fans for a match between El-Zamalek (football team) football club and Al-Ahly football club[1]. Also known as the Cairo Derby. Without seats, fans were able to squeeze together and sit in aisles. This number was actually achieved and realized a few years back in 1986 African Cup of Nations Final match which was held in Egypt and Egypt won against Cameroon.

Cairo Stadium is a strong symbol of Egyptian football. Nearly all of the most important Egyptian matches are held there. It carries an extremely rich history which includes many memorable football moments that range from Hossam Hassan's famous header to secure Egypt's attendance in Italia 90 World Cup, numerous African Cup of Nations tournaments which included the latest 2006 trophy, and the famous derby matches between Ahly and Zamalek.